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八角茴香油 Anise oil,Star--GMP


Product Name Star Anise Oil ; Aniseed oil, anise seed oil

Botanical Name  Illicium verum Hook. f.

CAS # 8007-70-3 ; 84775-42-8
Plant Part Seeds
Extraction Method Steam Distilled
Country of Origin  China



【Range of applications】

1.use as Chewing gum spices: Mainly used for the deployment of toothpaste, tooth powder;

2.The flavor of Liquor: such as Virgil's in the United States, pastis in the France and so on. 

3.It's a  materials of perfume;

4.A small amount of use to produce Cosmetic and soap;

5.The main use of anise in European herbal medicine was for its carminative effect;