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砂仁油 Cardamon Oil


【Product Name】Cardamon oil

【Botanical Name】Fructus Amomi

【Extraction Method】Steam Distilled

【Packing】25kg, 50kg,180kg/drum

【Usage】Cardamom essential oil is a combination of roses and jasmine essential oils derived from its flowers. The smell of roses is considered more precious than gold, and jasmine is often used in the celebration of Buddhism, its fragrant aroma and pleasant. It is a symbol of reverence. Cardamom ginger plants, the output of warm oil. Essential oils colorless or yellow, sweet and warm, the main ingredient is terpineol, cineol, there is little zingiberene and limonene. Essential oils mostly have to prevent transmission of the virus, sterilization sterilization, anti-inflammatory, prevention inhibit influenza, antidepressant, relieve tension, anti-spasm, promote cell metabolism and cell regeneration. [Aromatic odor] Sweet with spice, similar to the bitter lemon.