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柏木油 Cedarwood oil


【Product Name】 China Cedar wood oil ; Cedarwood oil;

【Botanical Name】  Cupressus funetris Endl,Juniperus virginiana

【CAS #】8000-27-9 ; 85085-29-6
【Plant Part】 Wood
【Extraction Method】 Steam Distilled
【Country of Origin】  China



Our cedarwood essential oil is extracted from Juniperus virginiana of the Cupressaceae family. It is also known as Virginian, red, eastern red or southern red cedar, as well as Bedford cedarwood.

It has a soft, woody and "pencil-like" smell and has a faint undertone of sandalwood. It is pale yellow to light orange in color and is viscous.

Most use Chinese  Cedarwood oil in our Bamboo soap and Jungle conditioner for its woody aroma.