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茶树油 Tea tree oil


【Product Name】 Tea Tree (Chinese) Essential Oil 
【Botanical Name】 Melaleuca alternifolia ,M. Linariifolia, M.uncintata 
【CAS #】: 68647-73-4 
【Plant part】 Leaves 
【Extraction Method】 Steam distillation  
【Country of Origin】 China 


Tea tree oil of Function and usage:

     1. In food

  • Protect our heart blood vessel
  • Progress of reproductive health
  • Arrange stomach receiving
  • Adjust neuroendocrine system
  • Boost your immune system 

     2.   In daily use

  • it good for using in shampoo
  • can directly use tea tree oil
  • stop bleeding and prevent pain.
  • deodorization and so on